Guangzhou has unique and superb advantages in fashion producing。

  • A big and good fabric&acessories market here ( the largest one in China), if you are not familiar with it, you can search: Guangzhou fabric market OR Zhongda fabric market You can find various introductions and videos. For fashion workers, you will love this huge market.

  • Guangdong province’s garments export quantity always keep No.1 in China, a large number of excellent skilled workers working together in Guangzhou this provincial city.
  • Supporting services very complete: Printing, Embroidery, Dyeing, Washing,Beading…..full of these most popular clothing equipment and technologies.

These advantages support for rapid and high-quality samples developing.

Our sampling team in 2013

Since2010, located at Guangzhou,start doing fashion garments for UK market, we’ve been excellent cooperating with our customers.

check our superiority on sampling